Awaso Academy

Why Support Awaso Academy International?

Awaso Academy is a private, independent, K-9 elementary school that provides high quality education to the children of Awaso. The academy opened in October 2010. The school currently has classes from pre-k to 6th grade with an enrollment of 277 students. The school helps prepare Awaso children for higher education so they can ultimately compete for jobs within their chosen fields.

90% of all children in Awaso do not attend high school. Although the children would like to have the opportunity for additional education, they are unable to pass National Government Exams to enter high school.

Academy Objectives

  • Provide K-9 children with an exceptional learning environment currently only found in urban private schools
  • Build an enduring facility in rural Ghana to enable the people of Awaso to break the cycle of poverty through education.
  • Enable its students to pass Ghana government exams, continue their education, secure better paying jobs and build self-esteem.
  • Develop sustainable agriculture and livestock program on school land, a source of income and food for children at school.

Awaso Academy Details

  • K-9 private independent school
  • Currently open for pre-k trough 6th grade
  • Addition of one grade each year
  • All religions and ethnicities welcome
  • Admission based on pre-school readiness and parental dedication
  • 32-35 students per grade with total enrollment of approximately 380 by 2020
  • Credentialed and experienced teachers
  • Technologically advanced, computer lab with 30 computer stations, and 50 e-Readers with 100 digital books
  • One library
  • Running water, electricity, boys and girls washrooms with modern septic system

Get Involved


We welcome all volunteers to help support Awaso Academy. We need sponsorships of students because it is the main source of revenue for the academy. In addition, supply drives of school supplies and sporting equipment are a great way to support the school. Call 650-823-6119 for more information.


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