What is Awaso Hope Foundation’s Mission?

The mission of the Awaso Academy is to end the cycle of poverty in Awaso, by establishing a private, independent, K-9 school that is open to all students and all faiths. The school will help prepare Awaso children for higher education so they can ultimately compete for jobs within their chosen fields.

What percentage of my donation goes toward Awaso Academy International? How do I know my donation is being used effectively?

98% of every dollar donated to Awaso Hope Foundation goes directly to construction, operation and equipment costs of Awaso Academy International. With an entirely volunteer organization, overhead costs are minimal.

We ensure the highest quality control through close monitoring and constant evaluation. All purchases of equipment are overseen by Father Paul.

Can I send school supplies in lieu of a monetary donation?

If you would like to do a supply drive for hard to get items in Ghana, please contact us at awasohope10@gmail.com

I noted that Awaso Academy International will promote the use of technology in education; does that mean every student will receive a computer?

There is a computer lab with forty computer monitors run by two computer processors for student use.   Classes rotate through the computer lab on a class-by-class basis. In addition, there are 50 Kindles that have 100 digital books available for students at the school.

Will Awaso Academy International have a religious orientation and/or will the Awaso Academy International promote any religious beliefs?
Awaso Academy International will accept students from all religions and ethnicities. Admission is based on an entrance exam open to all. Every school in Ghana, public or private, has a religious affiliation. Awaso Academy International has a Catholic Affiliation. The curriculum will follow standards established by the country.
Is the Awaso Hope Foundation, or will the Awaso Academy International, be affiliated with any governmental organizations?

Awaso Hope Foundation and the Awaso Academy International entities are free from any government affiliation. The Foundation itself is an approved 401(c)(3), or Non-Profit Organization and the Awaso Academy International will operate as a Non-profit Independent Private School.

How can I stay updated on the work that AHF is doing?

Yes!  Thank you for your interest!  The best way to stay informed is by contacting us directly:  awasohope10@gmail.com or bookmark our website.  We also occasionally send newsletters so feel free to email: awasohope10@gmail.com and we will add you to our mailing list.

Can I volunteer to work in Awaso, Ghana, building the school or as a teacher?

Yes! Our counterparts in Awaso would love your help; both now and in the future. Contact us at awasohope10@gmail.com or 650-823-6119 for more information.

I am planning travel in Africa, can I visit the Awaso Academy International?

Yes! Awaso is in a remote area of Ghana so we ask that you plan your travel accordingly. Awaso is approximately 800 kilometers (or 500 miles) from Accra, the capitol of Ghana. Currently lodging in Awaso is limited, so please contact us at awasohope10@gmail.com for additional travel tips before planning your trip to Awaso, Ghana.

I would like to know more about the foundation and construction of Awaso Academy International is there a number I can call to speak with someone from the foundation?

Yes! You are welcome to call Liz Weingart 650-823-6119 or feel free to email at awasohope10@gmail.com.

Do you work with local leaders in Awaso?

In rural Awaso, the chief of the village is important.  He is very supportive of the school, granting the school 20 acres of land for the school site and the farms.   The chief is on the local board that oversees the school.

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We welcome all volunteers to help support Awaso Academy. We need sponsorships of students because it is the main source of revenue for the academy. In addition, supply drives of school supplies and sporting equipment are a great way to support the school. Call 650-823-6119 for more information.


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