2016 Progress

The school expanded with the addition of a nursery school grade in Fall of 2016. Additional progress has focused on infrastructure projects to create a predictable and productive education environment.

High Quality World Reader Program


  • 50 e-books with 100 culturally relevant books on each e-reader
  • High quality teacher training on how to use books

Completed Farm Construction including:

  • Livestock (600 chickens, 23 goats, and 10 turkeys)
  • Farmed crops (cassava, corn, plantains and beans).
  • Egg surplus revenue is invested into running the farm. Harvested yams and vegetables feed the students to reduce cost of their meals.

New School Bus

  • New school bus purchased and shipped from Oregon to Ghana

Junior High Construction

  • 3 additional classrooms for 7th, 8th, and 9th grade
  • Separate boys and girls washrooms
  • 3,690 square feet
  • To be completed in May/June 2017

Playground Construction

  • New playground equipment installed.
  • Children trained on how to use safely.

Enrollment Statistics

For 2016-2017, there are:

  • 277 students from nursery to 6th grade (129 boys and 148 girls)
  • 32 new nursery students
  • 13 teaching staff including 3 preschool aides and 14 non-teaching positions covering administration, kitchen, farm, security, repair, and cleaning.

Students receive 2 meals a day that include:

  • Rice, plantain, beverages, tom brown and corn dough porridge, beans, eggs, vegetables, yams, kenkey (from corn), and chicken occasionally when available.


Goals for 2017

The goals for 2017 are to continue to provide high quality education to the school with the addition of the following:

Finish the construction of the new junior high and fill with desks, chairs, white boards and supplies.

Acquire an additional 50 e-Readers from Worldreader to enable the 5th & 4th graders to have readers in their classrooms and still have 20 additional readers in the library. Cost is: $6,500 for the e-Readers

Create a bakery to save on the purchase of bread to decrease food costs and to create a job for a needy school family. Estimated cost is $2,500 for the mill & oven and $1,500 for a structure to protect it.

Get Involved


We welcome all volunteers to help support Awaso Academy. We need sponsorships of students because it is the main source of revenue for the academy. In addition, supply drives of school supplies and sporting equipment are a great way to support the school. Call 650-823-6119 for more information.


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