The innovative design of a Wing House allows an 880 square foot dwelling to be rapidly deployable the same way a standard shipping container is transported. It’s important to note that the Wing House is not a container conversion nor a re-purpose but a highly engineered structure. Once leveled, the Wing House can be assembled and dismantled in just a few hours. Being engineered using modern materials, the building is very stylish, both internally and externally. The internal layout presents a spacious and bright living and working environment. The Wing House offers the flexibility to be utilized as either a residential or commercial building.

A variety of floor plans are available to suit your project or we can customize a unit to suit a specific solution.

All units feature:

  • Electrical wiring including lighting, sockets and switches
  • Fully plumbed for water supply and hot water system
  • Exterior lighting
  • Data wired for television, computer and telephone
  • Choice of color
  • Built-in cabinetry for kitchens and vanity for bathroom


  • Fully fitted bathroom including toilet, full size shower, basin and vanity
  • Smoke detectors in all rooms
  • Modern design both internally and externally
  • Easy to assemble in just a few hours
  • Easily relocated – suitable for long or short term needs
  • Five star energy rating
  • Transportable by sea, road or rail requiring no special equipment

40 Foot Wing House

In open position – Length – 40ft / Width – 22 ft / Height – 10.5 ft SQFT 880
In closed position – Length 40 ft / Width – 8 ft / Height 9.5 ft SQFT 320
Frame – Structural Frame is of solid welded steel built to military standards that is then sealed with anti corrosive primer and finished with Weather Tough F Coating
Weight – Depending on the internal configuration (Number of bathrooms etc) Up to 33,000 lbs

The use of laminated bamboo flooring delivers a finish that is modern, stylish and incredibly durable. The window system consists of double glazed tempered glass that provide excellent thermal and sound insulation.

We can fit and supply your building with renewable energy sources.
We can fit optional wind power generation equipment or solar power systems. We can also fit a rain water catchment system.

The Wing House can be an energy self sufficient home.

How much does a Wing House Cost?

Depending on the exact floor plan and list of options of your building the cost of a Wing House delivered to your local sea port is $100-$125 per sqft.

What is the Energy Rating of a Wing House?

The energy rating is based on MJ/m2.annum at Heating 83.9, Cooling (sensible) 50.7, Cooling (latent) 2.0, Total Energy 136.5. With an R factor of 45 – 65 the Wing House has a 5 star energy rating.

How easy and how long does it take to set up a Wing House?

Setup should be performed by experienced professionals or individuals who can follow the provided instructions in a safe and professional manner. Once the Unit has been positioned onto a level footing The Wing House can be assembled in as little as 4 or 5 hours.

How many Square Feet is a Wing House?

When in it’s opened position a standard 40ft Wing House has 880 Square Feet of space and a 20ft unit has 440 Square Feet of space.

What floor plans are available?

There are 7 standard floor plans for Wing House including 40 Ft models, 20 ft Models and Pop Out units. Custom floor plans are also available if your project requires it.

How do I connect Plumbing and Electricity?

Internally, the units come “finished” with plugs, taps, outlets and vents. Built in connections are on every Wing House. Simply hook up permanent or temporary services including Electric, Water, Internet and Cable to the exterior connection panels similar to that of an RV.

Is a Wing House wired for Internet?

Yes, all units have connections for Internet.

How heavy is a Wing House?

Depending on the internal configuration, including number of bathrooms. A 40 ft Wing House weighs up to 33,000lbs.

Is it easy to move a Wing House?

A Wing House comes in a container configuration that conforms to the International Container Organization (CSC) specifications. Completed with all lifting points fitted, the Wing House is easily transported by sea, road or air.

Where can I see a Wing House?

Our display facility is in Austin Texas. If you wish to view a Wing House please contact us to arrange a showing.

Can I join Wing Houses together?

Yes, Wing Houses can be joined in several configurations to allow for larger spaces than the standard 880 Sqft. Please see Projects on the Photos page to see examples of Joined Units.

How do I move a Wing House?

Any transport company can arrange the moving of a Wing House. The benefit of Wing House is that you can move 880 sqft of space on a standard truck not requiring chase vehicles or flashing lights.

Does a Wing House meet Building Codes?

Wing Houses are built to the highest worldwide standards using the best quality materials. Every City in every State has different zoning laws so please check with us if your authority will allow the use of a Wing House for your project.

Where are Wing Houses made?

Currently, Wing Houses are manufactured in China. The factory is owned and manned by Australian personnel who operate under Australian manufacturing and labor laws which are some of the most stringent around.

Where are Wing Houses being Used?

Wing Houses are currently being used by organizations and individuals all over the world. Whether it be a construction site office in Dubai, a mobile clinic in Africa, a mining town in Western Australia or someone’s home in Sydney, Wing Houses have many applications we are sure will suit your project.

Is a Wing House made from a shipping container?

Although a Wing House is designed to be transported as a Standard Shipping Container the Wing House is a highly engineered structure that is not a container conversion. In most cases, it is more costly to convert shipping containers than to invest in a Wing House.

Does the Wing House come in different sizes?

The Wing House comes in a 40 foot model which forms 880 Sqft of space, a 20 foot model which forms 440 Sqft of space. Pop out units are also available that expand to 300 sqft for a 20ft model and 600 sqft for a 40 ft model.