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About Us

Pamela J.P. Donison

Attorney, Mediator, Collaborator, Big Thinker
I’m not THAT kind of attorney. You see, I don’t think the legal system works very well for families. I might be a dreamer, but I believe that families can – and should – solve their problems in a way that preserves family relationships, anticipates the future, and creates a safety net for all the “what ifs” that keep you up at night.
When a life event happens, I want to be there to help you plan ahead, make smart choices, and hit the pillow knowing that your life event legal issues are taken care of.

The thing about families is that we all come from one. Even though our histories might be very different, most of us have experienced the joy of a marriage, a new baby, first days of school, leaving for college, walking a child down the aisle, and greeting a new grandbaby. Most of us have also had to shoulder life’s sorrows, including divorce, illness, and death. Like some of you, I am in a long term second marriage and blended family, where we count ourselves fortunate to have shared many moments of joy, and are humbled by our own family tragedies and pain.

I look at all of these life events and wonder, how can I make it better, simpler, less painful, more transformative, and safer for everyone? That’s what drives me to do my best work, talk to you about important issues, help you plan for your very best outcomes, and guide you in creating the legacy you intend for your family.

Pamela and her husband live with Camp Dog (a rescue mutt) between homes in Tucson and Phoenix. Pamela is a published author and award winning photographer, which keeps her busy after hours.

Catherine Brunner

Case Manager, Client Liaison, Organizational Wizard
Early on in my career, I formed my philosophy on customer care. A co-worker, nearing her retirement, advised, “Every day do your best”, she said. “Do your job efficiently, with compassion and with the understanding that to you, it may seem like routine paperwork, but to the person you are doing it for, it has the potential to change their life.”  I have always appreciated that wise advice and have taken it to heart, especially in the legal field where we deal with important life events and family matters.

During troubled times it is reassuring to know that you are being treated as an individual by someone who recognizes how important your matter is to you.   Having experienced many of the highs and lows of life as many of you,   I know firsthand the emotional and financial stresses that go along with life’s transitions.  I have experienced divorce after a 25-year marriage, moved across the country to start over, struggled to plan for my long-term financial future, and I worry about my aging parents.  In other words, I understand.

There is comfort in knowing that someone is working on your behalf, and you can be assured that, as part of your legal team, I work hard to recognize your individual needs and carry out the necessary tasks of your matter with humor, compassion, and efficiency, giving you the peace of mind to concentrate on the very best outcome for you and your family.

Cathy and her high school sweetheart live in Tempe with a dog and two guinea pigs. When she’s not working, Cathy is a writer and enjoys spending time with her blended family.