The Lily Pad Cafe

Cafe and Bistro

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The Lily Pad Café
483 North M St
Tulare, CA 93274
Phone (559) 467-5253

Hot Coffee and Drinks

Chestnut Praline Caffe
Café Latte
Vanilla Latte
Hazelnut Latte
Caramel Latte
Café de Olla
Hot Drinks
Brewed Tea (selection of herbal teas)
Apple Cider

Iced Teas

Green Tea Frappe
Chai Frappe
Jaune Lemon Iced Tea
Cucumber Ginger Lemonade
Jamaica Flower Iced Tea
Sparkling Orange Soda
Berry Splash Tea

Iced Caffe

Mocha Frappe
Iced Espresso Latte
Espresso Tempesta
Iced Americano
Cappuccino Tempesta
Espresso Shakerato
Cappuccino Shakerato
Caramel Shakerato
Cioccolato Mandorla Shakerato
Frappe All Cafe
Anice Grecco Frappe


Egg Cupcakes
Sweet Cupcakes
Waffle Egg Sandwich
Scramble Egg Crepe with Bacon and Cheddar
Old Fasion Oatmeal
Parfait – Yogurt

Our Crepes

“The sweet ones”
Apple of my Eye
Strawberry Rhubarb
Princess Peach
Three Berries
The Tiramisu
The Peanut Butter Cup
Banana Boat
The Kiwi
“The salty ones”
The Napoli
Hot + Spicy
Veggies Please
The Lush
The Alaskan
The Capresse
Holy Mole
**We provide some of our soups and crepes Gluten Free and Lactose Free, with an additional charge.


“Italian Cesar Salad” (delicious chicken parmesan regianno and croutons)
“Suculent Spinach Salad” (Bacon, vinaigrette and sesame seeds)
“The Mediterrean” (mixed greens, mozzarella, basil , pumpkin seeds, olive oil and fresh tomato)
“Gold Pear salad” (an exotic flavor of nuts, goat cheese and a hint of chocolate)
“The Classic” (¼ cut of our fresh lettuce, blue cheese, red onion and steak fajitas)


Carrot and Coconut Soup
Zucchini Soup
Tomato Basil Soup
Noddle – Tofu Soup

Kids Menu

Cone Fun (Egg crepe filled with ham and cheese)
Teddy Bear Toast (peanut butter spread on toast with jelly and bananas)
Quesadilla Wings
Waffles and Fruit
Waffle Egg sandwich
Pizza – Crepe
Grilled Cheese – Crepe
Glass yogurt flute (served with fruit and a cupcake)

Drinks for the Kiddos

Orange Juice
Chocolate Milk
Regular Milk
Apple Juice